How It Works

Connect with Service Providers

The community of service providers offers you, as the consumer, the opportunity to select a contractor or freelancer that provides the service you need, at the price point that best fits your budget.

Its as simple as selecting your service category, the subcategory, and price you wish to pay. Once your information is submitted, you will be able to browse the local service providers that best fit your needs.

Once you select a service provider, you can message them directly to determine if they are able to meet your project expectations. Secured payment can be made directly through the service providers’ job posting via our partnership with Stripe.

Gone are the days of haggling price and scouring the internet for various service providers to perform a job. No more getting quotes and waiting weeks. Get the price upfront and schedule your project to be completed quickly and easily.

Save money, get connected.

Connect with Buyers as a Contractor

As a service provider on the platform, you are able to create a profile by submitting the information you provide. Once you create your profile, you can create up to 5 job postings. Your profile will be viewable by buyers in your area instantly. Buyers are able to contact you directly via our embedded messaging platform, as well as pay for your service once a job is complete. Encrypted payments are made through our partnership with Stripe

It’s a fantastic way to meet new customers in your local service area, that are browsing the internet looking for what you offer. The benefit of using over other platforms is that you know the price the customer wants to pay, from day 1. No beating around the bush trying to determine that magical number of where you need to be. Save time, get connected.